Could a serious disruption
stop your business?

Continuity management is a strategic issue for organizations. Ensuring continuity of operations and recovery from crises divides organizations into survivors and losers. Unfortunately, business continuity planning and related training only get the attention of senior management when the company has already found itself in an exceptional situation.

Answers to the question “What if?” is easier to plan in peace ahead of time, than only after something has already happened. Likewise, regular practice ensures the usefulness of the plans and makes operational management significantly more efficient.
An organisation can face a serious crisis for a variety of reasons. These can include various technical, human resources, financial, environmental, reputational and hybrid threats. In a real situation, several different aspects of the business will be affected simultaneously.An escalation of a crisis can be avoided through proper foresight and planning. Continuity consultancy specialises in anticipating and countering these risks.Translated with (free version)

Continuity planning ensures core business functions

Operational reliability includes e.g.
Risk management
Continuity Management and Continuity Planning
Safety Management
Formation of a snapshot
Disruption management and management and crises manageent exercises
Security of service and preparedness.

What our customers say

“The varied and demanding exercise tested our plans and showed how important it is to test the plans with practical training. As a result of the exercise, a lot of new ideas were created, on the basis of which we will develop our activities.”
Power grid company
“Continuity Consulting Oy organized an exercise for us to test the cooperation between the Group Management and the medical area, the arrangements for crisis communication and the functionality of our preparedness practices. During the day, we received a lot of development ideas for developing plans at different organizational levels.”
Hospital District
“For the exercise, Continuity Consulting created a situation-appropriate training framework that excellently tested our organization's ability to respond in a crisis and was inspiring for all participants.”
Water supply plant
In a crisis situation, the amount of information and the need for communication increases. Formation of a snapshot is of paramount importance to expedite decision-making. The management of the organization needs a common and updated snapshot, which is maintained by the snapshot function. See a brief introduction on the topic, we will be happy to tell you more.
One common snapshot is necessary to manage the exceptional situation. Situation reports are an integral part of the snapshot function. A good clear statement of the situation helps everyone to perceive the situation as well. Check out our short introduction and get in touch!
Continuity Consultancy has organised several disturbance exercises for Fingr. Changed situations bring new threats. See Fingrid's comments on crisis training.
Heinäjärvi's machine shop is a fictional company facing a serious disruption situation: the continuity of the company's operations is at risk. See a brief introduction and what happened to the machine shop in a crisis situation. Contact us and we will see the whole story together and see if a similar situation is possible for your organization.
We also organized crisis management exercises (CMEs) during Covid-19 emergencies: we must be able to manage crises in the best possible way in all circumstances. Practicing in a situation that corresponds to reality and in the right environment improves the resilience of the company in an exceptional situation. Take a look at our and our customers' experiences!
Tomi Yli-Kyyny, CEO of Caruna, and Jarmo Ström, Head of Security, share Caruna's experiences in the crisis management exercises we have organized.

Continuity consulting clients operate in the following industries, for example:

Technology industry
Energy production, electricity transmission and district heating
Water and waste management
Defence industry
Government and local government
Media sector
Universities and universities of applied sciences
Social and health care
Manufacturing industry
Service sector

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Continuity Consulting has an extensive network of experts and partner companies. In this way, the customer gets access to industry excellence and extensive industry experience for each of their needs, flexibly depending on the situation.

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